Stewart the Great

Check it out:


If you scroll down the page, you’ll see Stewart’s award-winning artwork.  You can also see the finished piece here:

Way to go Stewart!  The Collective salutes you!


August Creative Challenge – 3000 AD

This month’s challenge: 3000 AD

From  Stoo:

“Shark Tank”



From  Cate, photography and found poetry:

“Alien Visitor”

(part of) The Alien
by Greg Delanty
...Our alien who art in the heavens
our Martian, our little green man, we're anxious

to make contact, to ask divers questions
          about the heavendom you hail from, to discuss
                    the whole shebang of the beginning&end,
          the pre-big bang untime before you forget the why
and lie of thy first place. And, our friend,

to say Welcome, that we mean no harm, we'd die	
          for you even, that we pray you're not here
                    to subdue us, that we'd put away
          our ray guns, missiles, attitude and share
our world with you, little big head, if only you stay.

From  Lee:




From  Kenna:

“In 3000 AD”



More to come!